Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be difficult, especially if you have someone like Cleo to help you out.

The Basics

Cleo's Day focuses on three essentials that our bodies need to function properly. Sleep, water and some daily activity. We believe the best way to make a lifestyle change that lasts is to start with the basics and go from there. Aim for a goal that you can actually see yourself maintaining for more than just a few weeks and Cleo will help you make it happen.

The Twist

What sets Cleo's Day apart from many other health apps is the fact that your actions don't only affect your own health but also how Cleo feels and reacts. If you don't get enough sleep for instance, neither does Cleo. If you are on top of things so is Cleo.

The Result

You may even be surprised. It may not take much to make you feel a bit more rested and energised. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier every evening, opt for a short walk every morning or make a habit of drinking an extra glass of water during lunch time. Start small and make gradual changes. Who knows, maybe that 5k New Year's resolution is not that difficult to achieve after all.