Can Cleo's Day read data from my Apple Watch?

Cleo's Day can use the data gathered by your Apple Watch if you give it permission to read exercise minutes from the Health App.

Do I need an active internet connection for Cleo's Day to work.

No, Cleo's Day does not require any internet access.

How is my data stored?

All data is stored locally on your phone. We do not transfer data to any external servers.

I am already using a sleep app, can Cleo's Day use that data?

Yes, as long as the other app is syncing your sleeping hours to the Health App and you give Cleo's Day permission to read that data.

What if I forget to add my activity/water/sleep, can I go back and log it later?

Yes, you can.

I just love your app, how can I show my appreciation?

Thanks :) Please rate us on the App Store.