What happens if I start moving before the inactivity timer is done?

Get Moving is smart enough to reset the timer if you start moving. If you set the timer to 50 minutes for example and movement is detected after 15 minutes, Get Moving will automatically reset the timer for you after a few seconds.

The alarm sound isn't working

Make sure "Sound" is turned on in Settings. You find the setting under - Notification center -> Get Moving -> Sounds.

There is no activity data

For the activity data to be collected your phone must have a motion chip and Motion Activity must be switched on. Look under Settings and verify that it has been activated, Privacy -> Motion Activity -> Get Moving.

The Inactivity timer is suddenly paused

Inactivity tracking won't work properly unless Location Services is turned on. To change this setting, go to: Privacy -> Location Services -> Get Moving.

"Unknown Location" in Inactivity Statistics

Location data is dependent on your wireless connection. If you don't have a decent connection your phone won't be able to access location data, and therefore Get Moving displays the location as unknown.

How do I change the units to km/miles?

This is easily changed by tapping on the Settings button in Get Moving's upper, left corner and then selecting "Metrics".

I haven't moved so why do I see multiple locations in Inactivity Statistics?

In some locations and due to the nature of the GPS accuracy, the phone can get a location lock in different places on location refresh even though you are not moving.

Why should I specify my weight?

If you specify your weight, Get Moving is able to calculate a more accurate calorie burn count.

How accurate is the calorie burn tracking?

Calorie tracking in general is based on approximations but we are trying to add as much data as possible to our calculations so that we can be as accurate as possible. For example, Get Moving will know if you are running or walking and the calorie burn will be adjusted accordingly.

I love your app, how can I show my appreciation?

Thanks :) Please rate us on the App Store.